«O’KEY» is a large Russian retail chain that specializes in food trading.

Компания открыла свой первый гипермаркет в Санкт-Петербурге в 2002 году. Группа представлена двумя форматами: гипермаркетами под брендом «О’КЕЙ» и дискаунтерами под брендом «ДА!»

Key facts about «О’KEY»

40% of customers
when mentioning the category of stores, they recall the stores

History of the company

<h5>Geographical coverage of deliveries for online orders expanded through a partnership with SberMarket and iGoods</h5>
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<h5>O`KEY’s new loyalty programme presented</h5>
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Собственная торговая марка сети «О’КЕЙ» признана лучшей в сегменте онлайн и стала победителем конкурса Private Label Awards 2020
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<h5>O'KEY private label products have got the prizes of the international contest Quality Guarantee 2018.</h5>
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O’KEY Group has been recognized as the Best Food Retail Chain of 2018 as well as the Customers’ Choice for the Best Prices within the frameworks of the Customers’ Rights and Quality of Service Award
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Strategic partnership with Familia, a leading off-price retailer in Russia
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O’KEY stores in Ufa and Krasnodar host local supplier fairs
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O’KEY, Rosbank and MasterCard issue a co-branded card offering considerable shopping benefits to the customers.
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Delivery service from <a href="https://www.okeydostavka.ru/">okeydostavka.ru</a> becomes available all across Moscow and St Petersburg
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<h5>Opening of the chain's 110th store</h5>
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Work in a company

Outstanding result, atmosphere of professionalism, impeccable service and efficient team - the core values ​​that underlie the company's relationship with its employees.

Fast career growth
Fast career growth
For a year of work at «О’КEY», you can go from an ordinary employee of the trading floor or an assistant to a manager or leader.