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O`KEY Group S.A. (LSE, MOEX: OKEY, the “Group” or the “Company”), one of Russia’s leading food retailers, has announced its unaudited operating results for the third quarter (Q3) and the first nine months (9M) of 2022.

All materials published by the Group are available on its website www.okeygroup.lu.

Q3 2022 operating highlights

●        Group net retail revenue[1] rose by 10.0% YoY to RUB 47.8 bn, driven mainly by discounters’ LFL performance and O`KEY’s online sales growth and supported by discounter stores openings.

●        O`KEY hypermarkets’ net retail revenue declined by 1.2% to RUB 34.4 bn in Q3 2022, mainly due to a year-on-year drop in customer footfall in shopping malls resulting from continued changes in the retail brands portfolio. Nevertheless, the decline in LFL traffic was almost offset by additional revenue from four new O`KEY stores opened in April 2022.

●        DA! discounters again showed one of the fastest paces of growth, with their net retail revenue adding 54.8% YoY to reach RUB 13.4 bn. The increase was led by a 26.1% LFL net retail revenue growth and the chain’s expansion.

9M 2022 operating highlights

●        Group net retail revenue increased by 10.3% YoY to RUB 144.6 bn.

●        O`KEY hypermarkets’ net retail revenue declined by 1.1% YoY to RUB 105.7 bn.

●        O’KEY total online sales rose by 44.3% YoY to RUB 4.3 bn and accounted for 4.1% of O`KEY's net retail revenue.

●        DA! discounters’ net retail revenue grew by 60.2% YoY to RUB 38.9 bn, driven by a 32.0% LFL net retail revenue growth and the chain’s expansion.

●        The Group opened 20 DA! discounters (net of closures) in 9M 2022.

●        DA! discounters’ share in the Group’s net retail revenue increased by 8.4 pps YoY to 26.9%.

●        The Group expects to be receiving half of its revenue from discounters in the medium term.

●     In 2022, the Group plans to open up to 45 new DA! discounters and have nine O`KEY hypermarkets in its portfolio in an updated concept.

Operating review

The Group’s net retail revenue rose by 10.0% YoY to RUB 47,797 mln, led by discounters and online revenue growth and supported by expansion of both store chains.

Net retail revenue of O`KEY hypermarkets declined by 1.2% YoY to RUB 34,369 mln in Q3 2022, due to a 3.3% decrease in O`KEY’s LFL net retail revenue resulting from a temporary footfall decrease in shopping malls amid changes in the tenant mix.

In Q3 2022, shopping malls in the Moscow and St. Petersburg regions continued to face a YoY decline in customer traffic due to geopolitical and macroeconomic turbulence. In order to support traffic in these locations, the landlords keep reshaping their tenant portfolios, attracting new partners and brands.

In August 2022, O`KEY reopened after renovation its hypermarket in Sochi, upgraded in line with the latest trends in the retail industry and global best practices. In the upgraded hypermarket, more space was allocated to the fresh and ultra-fresh categories, with their share in the overall product range increased to 20%, while the store’s total selling space was optimised.

O`KEY’s total online sales, including via our own and external delivery services, rose by 26.2% YoY to RUB 1,286 mln in Q3 2022. The share of total online sales in O`KEY’s net retail revenue grew by 0.8 pps YoY to 3.7% in Q3 2022.

In Q3 2022, DA! discounters’ net retail revenue expanded by 54.8% YoY to RUB 13,428 mln, led by a 26.1% LFL revenue growth and 18.2% YoY increase in the chain’s selling space over the quarter. The LFL revenue growth was driven by both customer traffic and average ticket performance thanks to rising DA! brand awareness, as well as the chain’s high-quality product assortment, with a special focus on own brands, at the best possible prices. The share of these products in the discounters’ net retail revenue amounted to approx. 50% in Q3 2022.

The discounters’ share in the Group’s net retail revenue rose by 8.1 pps YoY to 28.1% in Q3 2022. The Company expects the DA! discounter chain to remain a key driver of the Group’s top- and bottom-line growth.

Group Stores and Selling Space in 9M 2022 


In 9M 2022, as part of an ongoing real estate portfolio revision and optimisation, the Group closed three O`KEY stores and opened four hypermarkets in Central Russia. Also, the selling space of a hypermarket in Sochi was optimised in the course of its renovation and reduced by 2,093 sq m to 4,607 sq m.

In 9M 2022, the Group also opened 20 discounters (net of closures) under the DA! brand.

As of 30 September 2022, the Group operated 79 O`KEY hypermarkets and 172 DA! discounters with a total selling space of 642,015 sq m.


[1] Hereinafter, net retail revenue, LFL net retail revenue, and the average ticket metrics are provided net of VAT.