26 october 2018

The ‘Kind Purchase’ charitable fundraising promo-event will take place across all O`KEY hypermarkets and the online shopping platform www.okeydostavka.ru between 25 October and 21 November 2018. During this period, for every O`KEY private label brand product sold, one rouble will be donated to charity.

More than 950 O`KEY private label brand products are included in the campaign. All qualifying products are clearly marked with a bright logo in the shape of a flower with one distinctive petal. For every O`KEY private label brand product a customer purchases, no matter the category or price of each item, one rouble will be sent to the fund.

This year O`KEY and Rusfond have decided to focus on the targeted control of oncohematological diseases. The funds raised will be used for the treatment and rehabilitation of specific children requiring a bone marrow transplant, and also to develop the Russian marrow donor registry dedicated to Vasya Perevoshchikov. O`KEY will allocate a portion of the funds raised from the campaign to pay for the analysis and typing of potential marrow donors.

Armin Burger, Chief Executive Officer of O`KEY Group:

“We decided to support this important mission to save seriously ill children. In Russia, unfortunately, very few people know about the issue of marrow donation. Sadly, the necessary treatment is not always received by those who could be saved, because a suitable donor cannot be found in time. The funds raised by ‘Kind Purchase’ are our contribution to the formation of a marrow donor registry, which for patients with these complex diseases is the difference between life and death. We greatly appreciate the support we receive from our customers for our charitable events and we would like to thank them for their continued participation.”

Anna Andryushkina, General Director of the National Marrow Donor Registry of Vasya Perevoshchikov, and Coordinator of the Rusfond.Register project:

“‘Kind Purchase’ represents an opportunity to help seriously ill children who need vital treatment and to collect donations for the typing of potential marrow donors. It is also a great way to tell thousands of O`KEY customers about the National Marrow Donor Registry dedicated to Vasya Perevoshchikov, and the need to develop it further in order to save people with oncohematological diseases. We are grateful to the management of O`KEY Group for organising this fundraising campaign to support our mission. We hope that O`KEY customers will support us through the ‘Kind Purchase’ campaign. Probably someone will consider becoming a potential marrow donor and perhaps one day save someone’s life. As always, we will report on every rouble we spend.”

History of Cooperation between O`KEY and Rusfond

The cooperation of O`KEY Group and Rusfond began in 2017. Since then, more than 13 million roubles have been raised for Rusfund’s patients as part of joint charitable events in O`KEY hypermarkets.

In February 2017, a charitable event ‘Buy a toy – save a child’s life’ lasted for a month. With the help of our customers we collected more than 5 million roubles. These funds enabled 18 children from across the country to receive medical treatment.

Another joint charitable event ‘Kind November: Helping children together’ raised more than 7.5 million roubles. These funds were used to purchase specific equipment as well as to provide medical treatment for children with serious cardiovascular diseases, genetic disorders, musculoskeletal disorders and hearing impairments. A detailed report on the assistance provided to the children using the funds raised by the charitable event is published on the Rusfond’s web-site at: https://www.rusfond.ru/okey/003.

Helping to Extend the Donor Registry:

Rusfond notes that every Russian person of good health aged 18 to 45 can provide their consent for donation and enroll in the marrow donor register. A detailed step-by-step instruction for those who are willing to become a donor is available at: https://rdkm.rusfond.ru/registr_stat/009.