15 july 2019
O`KEY Group dispatches humanitarian aid to flood victims in the Irkutsk Region

O`KEY Group S.A. (LSE: OKEY, the ‘Group’), one of the leading Russian food retailers, has dispatched humanitarian aid to residents impacted by the flood in the Irkutsk Region.

The retailer’s relief effort involved a 16-pallet container holding more than 8,000 items, including household items, clothing, and textiles. The cargo was dispatched on Friday, 12 July and delivered to the disaster zone in Tulun in the Irkutsk Region for sorting and distribution among residents in flood-affected areas. 

 Armin Burger, CEO of O`KEY Group:

“As a socially responsible company, O`KEY Group will not remain indifferent to the tragedy which has taken place in the Irkutsk Region. We consider it our duty to help flood victims and their families, and we encourage other businesses to come together and help these people.”

Sergey Petrov, Head of Service for Consumer Market and Licensing of the Irkutsk region:

“The flood survivors are currently in need of personal hygiene products, baby food, clothing, and bedding. We thank O`KEY for their active humanitarian response in collecting and delivering relief aid in good time.”

The flood in the Irkutsk Region began on 25 June. By 8 July, over 10,000 homes and over 11,000 household plots in 110 localities had been flooded as a result of severe rainfall and subsequent river overflows, according to the Emergencies Ministry of Russia. The flood has impacted more than 33,000 local residents.