18 june 2020
O`KEY group announces key appointments of the second quarter 2020

O`KEY Group S.A. (LSE: OKEY; RAEX – ‘ruA–’), one of the leading Russian food retailers, announces the key appointments during the second quarter. A new Real Estate Director and Head of Investor Relations were appointed. They report directly to the Group’s CEO Armin Burger.

Appointment of Olga Kuzyakina as Real Estate Director

Olga has led the Commercial Real Estate Department at O`KEY since June 2020. She is responsible for all matters related to the Company’s commercial properties, including development, construction, lease and operation, as well as for managing the Non-Commercial Purchasing Department.

Olga has twenty years of experience in managing real estate in Russia. Her leadership experience at major Russian and international companies (ATON Investment Group, Castorama, Cushman & Wakefield, Metro Cash&Carry) has provided her with in-depth expertise in real property investment, rental management, real estate renovation, operation and expansion, as well as in many other areas.

Olga has a PhD degree in Economics. She is a graduate of Samara State University, State Academy of Economics, Heinrich Heine University (Germany) and also has a Skolkovo Executive MBA degree.

Appointment of Natalya Belyavskaya as Head of Investor Relations

In June 2020, Natalya became Head of Investor Relations, responsible for building effective communications with shareholders and investors. She will focus on implementing best practices in communication with the investment community and updating on the Company’s strategy and development.

Natalya has 14 years of experience in investor relations. Before joining O`KEY, she served as Head of Investor Relations at Wimm-Bill-Dann, DIXY and M.Video, leading Russian consumer goods companies that are traded publicly in Russia and internationally.

Natalya graduated from the Russian State University for the Humanities with a Master degree in Economics. She also earned an MBA diploma from the American Institute of Business and Economics.