30 january 2019

The ‘Kind Purchase’ event was held between 25 October and 21 November 2018 in O`KEY hypermarkets and the on-line store www.okeydostavka.ru. O`KEY Group donated one rouble from the sale of each O`KEY private label food and non-food item to Rusfond for charitable purposes.

A large part of the funds raised by O`KEY and Rusfond in 2019 will be used to help young patients with oncological and other serious diseases. RUB 1.3 million has already been allocated to the treatment of Vanya Pisarev, aged 3. Vanya has a malignant tumor – embryonic rhabdomyosarcoma of the urinary bladder. The boy will undergo proton therapy, which will help to avoid the recurrence of the disease. Information about Vanya has already been published in the Kommersant newspaper, on the Rusfond website and www.okmarket.ru. Another part of the funds, RUB 600,000, has been allocated to the treatment of Varya Syachinova, aged 6, who suffers from pilomixoid astrocytoma – a low-grade malignant brain tumor. Hopefully, proton therapy, which will be partially paid for with funds raised by O`KEY Group, will save Varya`s life.

About RUB 3.5 million from the collected funds will be spent on the development of the National Marrow Donor Registry, in particular, on the purchase of reagents and consumables for donor material typing (the cost of one typing procedure is about RUB 7,000). Thanks to the customers of O`KEY goods, data on more than 500 new donors will be added to the National Registry. The remaining funds will be distributed by Rusfond among its wards in the first months of 2019. Detailed information will be published in the Kommersant newspaper, on the Rusfond website and on www.okmarket.ru.

In total, with the support of the O`KEY customers, more than RUB 19 million was raised in the campaigns held by O`KEY Group jointly with Rusfond in 2017 and 2018. In 2017, 42 children from different regions of the country received targeted aid. Full information on the spending of the raised funds is available on the Rusfond website and on the O`KEY page at teleprogramma.pro/best/okey.

O`KEY Group has held charitable fundraising events in its hypermarkets for several years already and has noticed social responsibility among Russian customers grow significantly every year. When shopping, more and more people are choosing goods from brands that have a social impact, including O`KEY Group`s private label brand.

Armin Burger, Chief Executive Officer of O`KEY Group, commented:

“We would like to thank our customers for their support and active participation in our charity events. ‘Kind Purchase’ is our joint contribution to the establishment of a marrow donor registry and the provision of targeted aid to children who need it urgently. We are also grateful to Rusfond employees for their invaluable work and constant efforts to save children. We hope that together we will make a difference. Our partnership has proved yet again that it is easier to help people than it would seem”.

Anna Andryushkina, General Director of the National Marrow Donor Registry of Vasya Perevoshchikov, and Coordinator of the Rusfond.Register project, said:

“We are grateful to the organisers of the ‘Kind Purchase’ campaign and each and every customer who joined in and contributed to this good cause by purchasing goods in O`KEY stores. Each rouble collected for the development of the registry is literally worth its weight in gold, since each new line – a new donor – entered into this registry is a chance to save someone’s life. Thanks to the campaign, we will also be able to classify the blood samples of 510 potential bone marrow donors by type. 

We joined the work to establish donor registries in 2013, and a few years later our undertaking grew into a nationwide project. The National Marrow Donor Registry was named after Vasya Perevoshchikov – an ordinary boy from the Russian countryside, whose life could not be saved due to the lack of a suitable donor. There are 90,000 potential donors in Russia now, which is almost 100 times less than, for instance, in Germany. Nevertheless, the joint efforts of the state, business, non-profit organisations and volunteers make it possible to change the situation for the better: more and more people learn about bone marrow donation, volunteer to be entered into the registry and provide real help to seriously ill people.” 

About marrow donation:

Every Russian aged 18 to 45 and in good health can become a potential donor by donating just a few millilitres of blood. A detailed step-by-step instruction on how to become a bone marrow donor is available at: https://rdkm.rusfond.ru/registr_stat/009.


O`KEY Group S.A. (LSE: OKEY, RAEX – ‘ruA-’) operates under two main formats: hypermarkets, under the ‘O`KEY’ brand and discounters, under the ‘DA!’ brand.

As at 30 January 2019, the Group operates 160 stores across Russia. The Group opened its first hypermarket in St. Petersburg in 2002 and has since demonstrated continuous growth. O`KEY is the first among Russian food retailers to launch and actively develop e-commerce operations in St. Petersburg and Moscow, offering a full range of hypermarket products for home delivery. The Group operates four distribution centres across the Russian Federation.

For the full year 2017, revenue totalled RUB 177,454,848 thousand, EBITDA reached RUB 9,334,993 thousand, and the net income for the period amounted to RUB 3,166,913 thousand.

The O`KEY shareholder structure is as follows: NISEMAX Co Ltd – 50.95%, GSU Ltd – 29.52%, free float – 19.53%.