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O`KEY Group S.A. (LSE: OKEY, ‘Group’) has introduced strict sanitation protocols across its O`KEY hypermarkets and DA! discounters. Going beyond mandatory requirements, the Group has introduced additional precautions against the spread of the new coronavirus disease.

Disinfectant treatment of check-out areas is carried out every hour; high-touch pieces of shop-floor equipment, such as cafeteria tables, scales in self-service areas, freezer case handles, doorknobs, and shopping cart handles are also sanitised with disinfectants several times a day. Shorter cleaning intervals and disinfectant solutions have been introduced for sales and common areas. Bottles of alcohol-based sanitiser have been introduced in cafeteria areas, as well as in staff and customer toilets. Every month, the stores’ ventilation systems are treated with disinfectants.

Stricter sanitation controls have been introduced in our own production. Each time there is a change of process, and at the end of each shift, all production shop premises are cleaned with disinfectants. Non-stop operation of germicidal lamps ensures air sanitation in our deli and bakery areas. We are currently installing similar lamps in high-footfall areas across all O`KEY stores. As an extra precaution to reduce hand-to-surface contacts, our deli products will be packaged immediately after cooking. To ensure safety of our customers and employees, only packaged goods will be offered from our service counters.

We are educating our customers and staff on the need to wash their hands often and keep at a distance of at least one metre from each other. We are also recommending them to use contactless payment methods.

We are closely monitoring the health of our store staff. Before every shift, all employees undergo a mandatory temperature measurement procedure using no-touch infrared thermometers. Any employee showing the slightest symptoms of cold will stay home.

All our stores currently have the required constantly replenished stock of disinfectants, as well as disposable facemasks and gloves for cashiers and sales assistants in case wearing masks becomes mandatory.

Armin Burger, Chief Executive Officer of O`KEY Group, said:

“Safety of our customers is our top priority as we sell food, which is vital for people.

As a retailer, we bear enormous responsibility for following strict sanitation protocols and protecting our people and customers across all our sales outlets. This is a challenging time for us all, and we are taking additional measures to protect our customers and people against the risk of coronavirus disease”. 

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