22 november 2018

The updated mobile application has been developed by O`KEY primarily for the convenience of customers. The omni-channel feature provides a unified approach to communications with customers both in stores and online.

The matching appearance and integrated functionality of user accounts on both the online store website and the mobile app allows users to select the most convenient purchasing option with the same price and product mix. Today, the mobile online store offers more than 20,000 food and non-food SKUs, including fresh products with a short shelf life, i.e. meat, poultry, fruit and vegetables, dairy.

An electronic loyalty card is another function which has been added in the updated app. Customers no longer need to carry their card around, instead it can be scanned via the app at the cashier.

In addition, O`KEY customers can now get the latest updates on current catalogues and events, and check their accumulated loyalty points. Using the app, customers can access their shopping history, both in the form of a detailed receipt and overall monthly expenses.

The system also allows O`KEY to take a personalised approach to each customer. Purchasing information, including customers preferred products and expenses, is downloaded and analysed, enabling O`KEY to offer customers personalised discounts and coupons through the app.

The first version of the mobile app was launched by O`KEY Group in 2016 allowing customers to make purchases from O`KEY’s online store, which offered all products and goods from the traditional hypermarket range.


Armin Burger, Chief Executive Officer of O`KEY Group:

"Developing O`KEY's online offering is an important part of our strategy, aimed at promoting the omni-channel sales format. The mobile app has been launched as part of a major CRM project at O`KEY Group. With its omni-channel functionality, the new app will make it possible for O`KEY to become an even more convenient hypermarket for its customers, providing a home delivery option. We believe that this will make our customers' lives easier and save their shopping time. At the same time, we will know more about the preferences of every customer which will enable us to offer really attractive personalised proposals."

The app is available on Android and iOS. It can also be downloaded using a special QR-code from catalogues, flyers and other promotional materials in O`KEY hypermarkets.