15 november 2018

The final show of the Mrs. Ekaterinburg 2018 contest took place on November 13, 2018 at the music hall stage. According to the contestants, the most sought-after category was the one nominated by O’KEY, the sponsor standing for family values. O’KEY considered sponsoring the Mrs. Ekaterinburg 2018 contest as the possibility to reward women who deliberately chose motherhood. As early as at the stage of acquaintance with the contestants, Darya Zakusilova and her family attracted everybody’s attention by their friendliness as well as the attitude of warmth and care between the family members. Darya and her husband raise four children: the eldest child is 13 y.o., and the youngest twins are 22 months old.

O’KEY hypermarket is a good choice for a busy mother of a large family who appreciates the possibility to get the routine shopping done at one place and at very good prices. First shopping with O’KEY certificates in hands allowed Darya and her family to duly appreciate the alleys wide enough for a pram, convenient navigation and vast range of fresh products. Darya mentioned that the prize will not only allow her family to relieve the burden of routine shopping costs but also to diversify the menu of the members of the family adding more fresh products to the daily ration.

Mrs. Ekaterinburg contest has been carried out since 2005 among women with children, who live in the capital of the Urals. Unlike traditional beauty contests, Mrs. Ekaterinburg is a family event. The jury takes into account charm, artistic impression and qualities, which usually mark a good mother and housekeeper. Weight and height of contestants are of no importance. Anastasia Sigova, lawyer and mother of six, was appointed the winner this time.