15 september 2020
O`KEY private label wins Private Label Awards 2020

O`KEY Group S.A. (LSE: OKEY, the “Group”), one of the leading Russian food retailers, announces that its O`KEY private label has become the winner of the prestigious Private Label Awards 2020 held within the International Private Label Show (IPLS).

This year, the O`KEY private label was recognised by the award’s expert panel as the Best Private Label in “Online”, having received the highest award in this category. Private labels of different retail chains competed for the winner’s title. When selecting the winner in this category, industry experts judged brands not only based on important criteria such as quality, formulation and available product range, but also by their presence in various online channels, brand recognition among internet users, brand credibility, as well as the demand for respective private label products.

Thanks to our online promotion strategy aimed at expanding the channel mix for personalised communication with the active customer audience, collaboration with suppliers on customer feedback-driven quality improvements to our private label products, as well as the O`KEY private label’s participation in various campaigns and partnerships, the chain’s private label has rightfully become the most recognisable brand among the online users. In particular, since 2017, the O`KEY private label has annually participated in the Kind Purchase federal charitable campaign held both at the retailer’s physical hypermarkets and online. Largely thanks to this campaign, the O`KEY private label has gained traction and become highly popular with O`KEY customers.

The O`KEY private label has won the contest for the sixth time. In 2016, the O`KEY private label was named the Best Private Label for Food Products, and in 2017, it received the highest award in the Best Private Label for Non-Food Products category and was awarded in two categories at once – the Best Private Label in the Economy Price Segment and Responsible Approach to Private Label. In 2019, the O`KEY private label was also awarded in the Best Private Label for Food Products category.

Elena Remennikova, E-Commerce Director at O`KEY Group:

“Engaging the online audience on the value of your products to highlight their benefits, and gaining customer loyalty is becoming an integral part of private label promotion strategy, especially today, when competition between retailers pushing their private labels in the online space has become stronger.”

Milina Shevcikova Mikulova, Private Label Commercial Director at O`KEY Group:

“We have invested a lot of effort in rolling out and developing our private labels. Ever since we launched our private label business in 2007, we have continuously focused on improving the quality of our private label products, and enhancing our supplier audits, product assortment and value proposition. We are very happy that thanks to our responsible approach to private label development, our private labels have been appreciated at their true value by both our customers and industry experts.”

Private Label Awards (by IPLS) is the key national industry event for both retail chains presenting their private labels and manufacturers. Category winners are determined by customers and an expert panel.