16 november 2018

89 companies from across 40 regions in Russia and Kazakhstan took part in the Quality Guarantee 2018 competition held from May to November 2018. The manufacturers submitted 384 samples in 17 categories, including meat and dairy products, baby food, soft and low-alcohol drinks, juices, fruit, vegetables and other products. O`KEY and three other retailers presented samples of private label branded (PLB) products in 12 categories.

All six products registered under the “O`KEY” and “To chto nado!” brands were recognised by the judges of the Quality Guarantee 2018. The judges awarded the golden medal to traditional sweet cream butter under the O`KEY PLB. Silver medals were given to: “O`KEY” cold-smoked mackerel fillets, salted roasted peanuts, and vanilla-flavoured marshmallows under the private label brand “To chto nado!”.

Special diplomas were awarded to the vanilla ice cream with cherries and Balykovaya cooked smoked sausage under the “O`KEY” brand. The judges also awarded the Balykovaya sausage the Meat Oscar award. O`KEY’s Quality Director Svetlana Gil accepted the awards on behalf of the Company at the ceremony held at the Federation Council.

The samples were evaluated by the tasting commissions from leading industry research institutes, including the V.M. Gorbatov Federal Research Centre for Food Systems of RAS. Quality parameters were analysed in certified laboratories. Over the course of the competition, the judges assessed not only quality parameters and food safety but also the packaging and the labelling of the products submitted to the competition.

Armin Burger, Chief Executive Officer of O`KEY Group:

“We are delighted that the high quality of our private label branded products was recognised by the Quality Guarantee panel. As a result, all the 6 items presented were given well-deserved awards. This competition highlights the focus the government places on the quality of products in the domestic market and their competitiveness in international markets.”

According to the terms of the Quality Guarantee competition, O`KEY will obtain the right to attach the competition medals to the labels of the winning goods.

Based on the comprehensive assessment of quality and safety of the food products during the Quality Guarantee 2018 competition, the nominees were awarded 147 golden and 58 silver medals, and 78 quality diplomas.