12 december 2018

Modern retail is a high-tech industry that is why our Company gives priority to automatic performance and efficiency of retail procedures. However, employees’ professional skills remain the main guarantee of high quality, service excellence and customer loyalty.

Cook and baker are among the most important positions at a store. These employees are responsible for production of the full line of semi-finished products and ready meals for the prepared food section, as well as for production of the whole range of bakery and pastry products. Cashier position is also very important and in high demand within the retail industry. Cashiers should carry out their work quickly and precisely, they should continuously monitor their work, be stress resistant and be always polite and hospitable.

This intra-company competition allowed the professionals working at these important positions to demonstrate their qualification and participate in major and fair competitive game. 7,000 cooks, bakers and cashiers, employed at our hypermarkets, toed the starting line in July 2018. The first round of the competition decided 575 employees who went to the next round. Participants selection was carried out first at the store level and then at the regional level. 12 participants from Central, Southern, North-Western and Eastern regions qualified for the final. These 12 employees are the best of the best; they are the role models of hospitable service and high O’KEY quality standards.

The final in Moscow was dramatic and emotionally charged. Competition venue was equipped at the same level as the best TV cooking shows. Each team within the allotted time had to prepare, serve and creatively present a romantic dinner “a deux” with a starter, main dish and dessert.

Reconstruction of real life situations at the stores helped the jury to assess participants’ skills and training to the fullest extent. The jury also assessed the creativity and team spirit of the teams’ support groups. All O’KEY employees were able to follow the competition online.

The winners of the “100% Professional” competition are: Anna Bazheva, a cook from O’KEY Putilkovo hypermarket in Moscow, Nina Kolomiets, a baker from Borovskaya hypermarket in Tolyatti, and Akbota Tibogarova, a cashier from Putilkovo hypermarket. The winners enjoyed the applause and recognition from their colleagues as well as special prizes in the amount of 50,000 Rubles each and a unique gastronomic tour around Moscow.

Elena Polozova, O’KEY Group HR Director:

“I would like to whole-heartedly congratulate the winners and say thank you to all employees who participated in this competition and showed remarkable skills, talent and personal involvement. I would like to expressly mention the incredible vibes at the venue of the final in Moscow. All jury members were moved by the team’s respect to each other, their mutual support and commitment to result.

This competition was an additional motivation for the employees and allowed to draw them together. O’KEY employees proved that they are good professionals. They proved their eagerness and ability to deliver highest O’KEY standards of service.

I wish all competition participants success and new professional achievements both during high festive season and in the upcoming 2019. Our Company is proud of you!”