26 june 2020
O`KEY opens a new hypermarket in Saint Petersburg

O`KEY Group S.A. (LSE: OKEY, ‘Group’), one of the leading Russian food retailers, has opened a hypermarket at 43 Rustaveli St. in the Kalininsky District of Saint Petersburg. The move is in line with its previously announced plans. The new O`KEY store, which replaces a former Karusel hypermarket, is already open to visitors.

The new hypermarket has a comfortable state-of-the-art selling space, offering easy-to-understand in-store navigation for a seamless shopping experience.

O`KEY hypermarkets are focusing on continuously improving their price offer and product quality. Their product mix includes over 23,000 food and non-food SKUs, with a particular emphasis on ultra-fresh products, as the Company has been constantly improving the assortment and consumer qualities of its ultra-fresh offer. O`KEY hypermarkets only offer chilled meat, fish, poultry and dairy products from proven suppliers that have been vetted through a strict quality and freshness control system. Moreover, we also offer over 1,000 SKUs under private labels such as To, Chto Nado!, O`KEY, and Selection of O`KEY in various price brackets.

At the new O`KEY hypermarket customers can buy deli products as well as fresh bread and baked products from the retailer’s own bakery, which is complemented by an in-store cafe. For safety purposes, deli products are packaged immediately after cooking.

When cleaning its sales area and auxiliary premises, the Company strictly follows all sanitary and health requirements. We regularly disinfect the premises and have started treating higher-contact surfaces such as door and trolley handles, checkout belts, and self-checkout scales more often. All hypermarket staff are equipped with personal protective equipment and undergo mandatory temperature screening before starting their shift. Plastic shields have been installed at checkouts to protect both customers and cashiers, while floor markings remind customers of the need for social distancing. All these measures ensure a safe and seamless shopping experience in the new O`KEY hypermarket.    

Armin Burger, Chief Executive Officer of O`KEY Group, said:

‘Saint Petersburg has traditionally been a special city for us: the first O`KEY hypermarket was launched here, and we will continue to actively expand in this region. The new hypermarket launched in Saint Petersburg has become the city’s 22nd O`KEY store. We plan to further improve our product mix and quality of service by offering our customers fresh and high-quality products at affordable prices.’

In Q2 2020, O`KEY Group acquired a Karusel hypermarket from X5 Retail Group, measuring 10,703 sq. m overall, with 4,420 sq. m of selling space. The deal has brought the Group’s total selling space in the Northwestern Federal District to over 185,000 sq. m. The deal fits into O`KEY Group’s strategic interest to expand its hypermarket business.

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