Training and staff development

Retail is a complex and rapidly evolving industry, which requires flexible and highly efficient staff management solutions. That is why O'KEY put in place and successfully develops its personnel training system aimed at ensuring a whole-hearted engagement of each employee. The programme is implemented by training managers and in-house teachers.

Today, the Company has a library of training courses consisting of over 40 different programmes for both internal and external training sessions.

Our training programmes vary by type:

Adaptation programmes for employees of the retail chain. For example, the Coaching programme is designed for the rank and file employees to ensure their quick and effective induction. We also have onboarding and internship programmes for the store management (store directors and their deputies) and induction courses for employees of the head office.
Mandatory training
This is a set of courses and programmes considered mandatory for any given job. As a rule, those are internal training programmes designed for employees of O'KEY stores and focusing on a wide variety of topics, including product display approaches, conflict-free sales, category management, merchandising, inventory management, management basics, etc.
Hard skills training
These courses and programmes are designed to improve the technical expertise of employees from various fields of work.
Five reasons
work at O’KEY:
  • Rapid career growth
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • All by law
  • Professional Development
  • Stability
For our office personnel, we offer personal effectiveness programmes focusing on:
  • Time administration
  • Change management
  • Partnership building
  • Stress management
  • Time management 
On top of that, our Company offers training for high-potential employees to improve their personnel and process management skills.

All of the Company’s employees are also invited to participate in round table discussions and working groups and offered an opportunity to engage in project activities.

The training development strategy seeks to further expand the range of trainings designed to induct new staff into a workplace, develop required competences and enhance professional knowledge.

Five reasons
work at O’KEY: