Gift Card is the best way to show your nearest and dearest how much you care!

For natural persons:
O’KEY Gift Card can be purchased at O’KEY stores’ information desks for cash. The validity period of the gift card is specified both on the card and the card holder. The Gift Card is intended for a single use only, i.e. payment for the products in the amount equal to the Gift Card nominal value.
  • If the cost of the selected product exceeds the Gift Card nominal value, the remaining amount shall be paid either in cash or with the bank card.
  • If the cost of the selected product is less than the Gift Card nominal value, the remaining amount shall not be repaid to the customer.
The Gift Card shall not be exchangeable to the monetary funds or another Gift Card.
In order to purchase O’KEY Gift Cards (via bank transfer only) please follow the steps:
  1. Download  the Agreement and fill in three mandatory sections:
    • the document top
    • your bank details
    • table in the annex following the example below:
      №1 Name Face value rub. Number of pieces Sum with VAT rub.
      1 Gift card 500 2 1000

      Total with VAT 20%, rub.

    • Select the store and e-mail to this store the Agreement with the information filled in by you as well as scans of attested documents for verification according to the list.
    • After verification of the documents we will send you back the Agreement and the Annex filled in on our part. These documents should be signed, stamped, scanned and sent back to the same e-mail address.
    • Pay the invoice e-mailed to you and e-mail the scanned bank transfer order back to us to confirm the payment.
    • Get the notification on the Gift Cards readiness.
    • Come to selected O’KEY store (see clause 2) in order to:
      • hand-over the Agreement signed and stamped by you;
      • hand-over the attested copies of the documents from the list;
      • receive your copy of the Agreement signed by O’KEY;
      • receive the invoice and payment documents;
      • receive the Gift Cards;
      • Sign hand-over and acceptance statement (if it is impossible to sign the statement at the store you can send it by post or bring during your next visit to the store).

The recipient of the Gift Cards should bear the Power of Attorney (in any format).

The Power of Attorney should specify the nominal value of the Gift Cards, their quantity in words, and total amount; it should also include passport details and signature of the person receiving the Gift Cards, signatures of the manager and accountant of the legal entity attesting the recipient’s signature.

Next purchase of the Gift Cards will not require conclusion of a new Agreement, it will be required only to fill in the Annex (assigning a corresponding number to it) and e-mail it to the selected store (see clause 2).

In case of any queries, or if you would like to specify the terms and conditions of Gift Card use, please do not hesitate to contact us by hotline number 8 800 250 00 08 (toll-free, 24/7)