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This label is all about offering the best value for money.
To, Chto Nado!
No advertising or brand promotion costs, as well as large direct contracts with manufacturers allow us to offer these products at more attractive prices.
О'KEY Selection premium
O`KEY Selection is a collection of cherry-picked premium products, exquisite in all aspects, from its stylish packaging and finest ingredients to unparalleled taste.
Emotion offers quality clothing of all sizes that is created to the finest standards and will ideally suit anybody.
4Home is a brand of household products offering over 100 items of home appliances and PC accessories.
DIY enthusiasts looking for modern, hi-tech and quality instruments will be pleased with our selection of hand and power tools for household maintenance — a perfect choice for a thrifty and skilled buyer.
Baby Island
Green Way
Home Studio
O'KEY Selection Organic premium
Red Element
Фермерская коллекция
Over 1,000
private label SKUs

Subject to rigorous selection, our labels comply with all safety and sanitary requirements. To provide the best value for money, we partner with top domestic and international suppliers and carry out thousands of checks and trials.

The first private label is launched.
Our offering is improved and expanded year after year.
of our private label food products are made in Russia.

A sensible choice
A sensible choice
We are certain that customers are drawn to our private labels over major brands because of their superior quality and competitive pricing.
Our products’ splendid taste has been verified by numerous blind taste tests among our employees and customers alike.
Affordable prices
Affordable prices
We seek out ways to cut costs throughout the production and sales cycle, from making packaging and shelf arrangements more efficient, to working directly with producers, cutting out intermediaries and unnecessary advertising and promotional expenses.
Proven quality
Proven quality
Ongoing evaluation and benchmarking of our private labels proves that their quality is on a par with their branded counterparts.
We oversee the manufacturing process and check product samples for compliance with applicable regulations and state standards (GOSTs) so you can enjoy the best quality.