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How it works

Scan the barcode
on your O`KEY card at the scanner distribution area
Take a scanner
the right scanner will light up
Scan the product’s barcode
before putting it into your cart
Pay for your shopping
at a self-checkout

How to use the scanner

Press the button
and point the laser beam at the product’s barcode
Once scanned,
product information will be displayed on the screen
to change the desired quantity
Press to view your cart
Press the “Pay” button to continue to the checkout

Rules for using
the terminal

Can’t scan a barcode?
Try to find a similar product or set the item aside from the rest of your shopping and show it to the sales assistant at the checkout
Items with security tags
Scan the barcode of the product with a security tag and set it aside from the rest of your shopping. Before paying for the product, show it to the sales assistant to remove the security tag
You can pay for your shopping at the self-checkouts. Click the “Pay” button in the upper right corner of the screen and scan the QR code on the checkout terminal screen. Once the payment process has started, return the scanner to the special slot near the terminal
Weighted items
Loose products such as vegetables or fruits need to be weighed on a self-service scale. Scan the barcode on the sticker after weighing and stick it onto the packaging.
To improve customer service at the checkout area, you may be randomly selected by a sales assistant to (fully or partially) rescan your shopping
Age-restricted items
To purchase age-restricted items like alcohol or alcoholic products, scan the product’s barcode and excise stamp. Before paying, show your ID to the sales assistant to verify your age.
Tobacco and tobacco products cannot be purchased at the self-checkout. To buy these items, you will need to use a regular checkout.