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Dispute Resolution Commission

The tasks of the Dispute Settlement Commission include resolving conflict and disputes situations that occurred when O’KEY LLC interacted with Suppliers, subject to the provisions and the principles of the Code of Good Practices (CAP). The commission provides detailed and objective consideration of disputes, guided by the principle of good faith, complies with ethical rules and norms, takes into account the need for a balance of commercial interests as well as the importance of meeting customer needs.

Members of the commission

Roschina Anna
Roschina Anna
руководитель дирекции по правовым вопросам ООО «О’КЕЙ» — председатель
Klychkov Alexey
Klychkov Alexey
O’KEY LLC Government Relations Manager - Permanent Member

To resolve issues, you need
the following information:

Supplier Organization Name
Detailed problem description
Contact phone, E-mail and name of the responsible employee of the supplier