For landowners

O’KEY Group will consider acquisition offers for land plots that meet the following requirements:

  • Plot area: 3–20 ha for hypermarkets and 0.5–1.0 ha for supermarkets;
  • Regular shape: a rectangular shaped plot with no sharp angles;
  • Highway frontage location: the plot’s length side must be directly adjacent to the highway;
  • Category: residential or industrial land;
  • Authorised use: construction and operation of a multi-use shopping and entertainment centre;
  • Legal status: private property or rent for a period of at least 25 years;
  • No water bodies, forests, other natural restrictions or protected areas within the plot;
  • No high-pressure gas pipelines, gas distribution stations, railway lines or other man-made facilities restricting the use of the land plot;
  • No encumbrances attached, including capital construction sites and communication facilities owned by third parties;
  • Flat terrain.

For landlords

O’KEY Group will consider lease offers for commercial properties that meet the following requirements:

  • Location at the intersection of major highways, or at the entrance to / exit from a regional city of at least 100,000 people and/or a city of at least 50,000 people in the Moscow Region (for hypermarkets) and/or a city of at least 25,000 people in the Moscow and Leningrad Regions (for supermarkets), or on the right side (if driving away from the downtown) of major radial highway junctions;
  • Properties inside shopping centres and retail parks or standalone buildings;
  • One-level premises with a ceiling height of at least 5 m;
  • Column spacing of 12 m and more;
  • Floor loading: a minimum of 1,200 kg / sq m in the shopping area and 1,500 kg / sq m in the warehouse area (for supermarkets); 1,000 kg / sq m in the shopping area and 2,000 kg / sq m in the warehouse area (for hypermarkets).


Total area (sq.m.) Power supply (kW) Water supply (m3/ day)
cold / hot
Sewerage (m3/ day.)
33 / 11
46 / 15
57 / 19
70 / 23
85 / 28
105 / 34
1500 450 10 / 3 13
1600-2500 600 16 / 5 22
2600-3500 700 24 / 8 32

Development department

105066, Moscow, st. Lower Krasnoselskaya, 39 стр.1

+7 (495) 663-66-77

 Land plot details required for offer consideration

Land plot overview: area, layout, communications, type of ownership, potential encumbrances, etc.

Site plan: location on the city (region) map with a description of the surrounding areas and transport accessibility.

Land plot photos.

Commercial terms.

Anti-Corruption Policy
In its operating activities and partner relations, O’KEY Group adheres to the highest standards of transparency, business integrity and zero tolerance towards corruption.
Eschew any actions that could qualify as active/passive bribery or commercial bribery, or actions which could be considered in breach of the applicable domestic and international anti-money laundering laws and regulations.
Do not offer or pay, either directly or indirectly, any money, things of value or services to the O’KEY Group employees in an attempt to sway their course of action or decision-making in such a way as to secure an improper advantage or achieve improper goals.
Avoid situations which could qualify as a conflict of interest pursuant to the applicable laws.
Should you have grounds to suspect that any of the above violations could happen in the past or might happen in the future, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail sb@okmarket.ru or phone +7 (909) 995-12-13 and provide all the necessary details for us to verify them.