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For logistics companies
Hot line
In case of problems in working with transport companies "O'KEY", you can contact the hotline:

For logistics companies

In order for the process of supplying goods to be as convenient as possible for suppliers and products were delivered to the buyer without delay, we offer the option of deliveries through distribution center of the O'KEY company. We will be glad to cooperate with transport companies, brokers, sea carriers and other companies, sharing our approach to organizing clearly structured and effective services in the field of logistics.

Scope of responsibility
Rranging transport flows and minimising inbound traffic at the store level, ensuring quick processing of goods and improving the overall time-to-shelf.
Tasks of the Logistics Department
O’KEY Group's Logistics Department works to streamline the delivery of goods all the way through from suppliers to the shelves.

Distribution centers

When working through a distribution center, the supplier carries out consolidated deliveries, and distribution of goods according to store orders is carried out by the employees of the Distribution center. Right property from the supplier to the buyer (O'KEY) goes directly to the territory of the distribution center.

Distribution Center Addresses

for suppliers:
8 800 250-00-08


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for suppliers:
8 800 250-00-08
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for suppliers:
8 800 250-00-08
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O'KEY distribution center documents for filing an application
Договор логистической премии FOOD
DOCX | 78 kb
Дополнительное соглашение о поставке товаров через РЦ ОКЕЙ
DOCX | 34 kb
Приложение №3 к договору поставки ОКЕЙ (условия предоставления премий, только NONFOOD)
DOC | 103 kb
Приложение №4 к договору поставки ОКЕЙ (логистические данные по товарам)
XLSX | 80 kb
Типовой договор для перевозчиков
DOCX | 265 kb
Правила поставки и приемки товара на РЦ торговые точки. Сроки годности
PDF | 2 mb

Contacts for sending commercial proposal

For suppliers and potential partners
Contacts for commercial offers from providers of logistics services and warehouse lessors and questions related to the DC-based cooperation:
For companies engaged in foreign trade operators
Offers from brokers, international carriers, shipping lines, etc.:
Anti-Corruption Policy Rules