O’KEY Group's Logistics Department works to streamline the delivery of goods all the way through from suppliers to the shelves. The Department is responsible for arranging transport flows and minimising inbound traffic at the store level, ensuring quick processing of goods and improving the overall time-to-shelf.

To make the entire process supplier-friendly and ensure seamless delivery of products to the store shelves we are offering you a distribution centre (DC)-based logistics solution. We are keen to work with transport firms, brokers, sea carriers and other companies sharing our vision of a well-structured and efficient logistics service offering.

Addresses of the O’KEY Group DCs

RC Litvinovo
Moscow region, Solnechnogorsk district, sp Peshkovskoye in the district of the village Shelepanovo, building 152/3
RC Petro-Slavyanka
Leningrad region, Petro-Slavyanka, Sofiyskaya st., 96k2G
RC Shushary
St. Petersburg, pos. Shushary, Moscow highway, 52A

O’KEY Group’s DCs

With a distribution centre (DC) in place, the supplier delivers its products on a consolidated basis, while DC employees take charge of distributing goods among the stores. The right of ownership passes on from the supplier to the buyer (O’KEY Group) immediately at the DC. The DC delivery rules and requirements are set out in the Supplementary Agreement on the Delivery of Goods through the O’KEY DC (see the Documents section).

All non-food suppliers are subject to the logistics bonus requirements as set out in Appendix No. 3 (see the Documents section). The Company's Logistics Department calculates the logistics bonus for each supplier on an individual basis after suppliers fill in Appendix No. 4 (see the Documents section). This Appendix also contains a mandatory order and shipment schedule.

Commercial offers
For companies engaged in foreign trade operators

Offers from brokers, international carriers, shipping lines, etc.:

For suppliers and potential partners

Contacts for commercial offers from providers of logistics services and warehouse lessors and questions related to the DC-based cooperation:


Additional questions If you have any problems dealing with O’KEY Group’s transport companies, please let us know by calling the hotline on:

+7 (495) 663-66-77 доб. 330

Anti-Corruption Policy
In its operating activities and partner relations, O’KEY Group adheres to the highest standards of transparency, business integrity and zero tolerance towards corruption.
Eschew any actions that could qualify as active/passive bribery or commercial bribery, or actions which could be considered in breach of the applicable domestic and international anti-money laundering laws and regulations.
Do not offer or pay, either directly or indirectly, any money, things of value or services to the O’KEY Group employees in an attempt to sway their course of action or decision-making in such a way as to secure an improper advantage or achieve improper goals.
Avoid situations which could qualify as a conflict of interest pursuant to the applicable laws.
Should you have grounds to suspect that any of the above violations could happen in the past or might happen in the future, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail sb@okmarket.ru or phone +7 (909) 995-12-13 and provide all the necessary details for us to verify them.