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For suppliers
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For suppliers

For the convenience of cooperation and ensuring transparency of the selection criteria for suppliers, the company has developed a Supplier Selection Policy , in detail describing the principles of selecting new partners and making decisions to continue cooperation with the current ones.

In accordance with Article 9 of the Federal Law of December 28, 2009 No. 381-FZ “On the Basics regulation of trading activities in the Russian Federation ”, we have formed treaties delivery.

How to become a supplier
Fill the form
In order to send us a commercial offer, you need to fill out a special form directly on the site.
Please do not attach additional files to the commercial offer form (the need to provide additional information will be reported separately). We draw your attention to the fact that commercial offers sent out of form will not be considered.
Wait for an answer
After you have sent a commercial proposal, a reply will be sent to your email address indicating the assigned number and the time it will take to study the proposal and make a decision on it. To register incoming applications, a certain time is required. In this regard, the answer may come within 1-5 business days.
Receive a letter
All commercial proposals drawn up in accordance with the established requirements of the O'KEY group of companies are considered by the commercial department of the company. Based on the results of the review, a letter will be sent to the sender’s email address informing of the decision made.
Explore the details
If your commercial offer is rejected, you will receive an e-mail substantiating the reason for refusal. You can send a new commercial offer after a certain period specified in the e-mail with the final decision.
Pay attention to the requirements
If your offer is approved, you will be required to fill in and submit a full set of forms and documents as listed below in order to sign the supply agreement. We also kindly ask you to carefully read the Group’s product supply requirements set out in the Acceptance Control Guidelines.
Provide a set of documents

Documents to be submitted/reviewed in the event of offer approval

Standard forms and documents
Standard supply agreement for food products
DOCX | 90 kb
Standard supply agreement for non-food products
DOC | 202 kb
DOCX | 75 kb
Appendix 1. Anti-corruption assurance statement
DOCX | 70 kb
Appendix 2. Contractual price approval form
DOC | 184 kb
Appendix 3. Agreement on commercial terms and conditions
DOC | 134 kb
Appendix 4. Shelf life
DOC | 89 kb
Appendix 5. General terms and conditions for supplies
DOCX | 70 kb
Приложение 1 спецификация
DOCX | 60 kb
Приложение 1 спецификация часть 2
DOCX | 51 kb
Приложение 2 Структура себестоимости
DOCX | 56 kb
Приложение 3 запрос на пополнение запасов
DOCX | 51 kb
Приложение 4 Бюджет
DOCX | 49 kb
Приложение 5 Условия поставки
DOCX | 52 kb
DOCX | 94 kb
Supply agreement provisions
Форма Протокола согласования договорной цены
XLSX | 145 kb
Правила поставки и приемки товара на РЦ/торговые точки. Сроки годности
PDF | 245 kb
Перечень документов, используемых в обмене сторонами в электронном виде. Требования к электронным документам и порядок применения электронного документооборота
PDF | 378 kb
Перечень документов, используемых в обмене сторонами в электронном виде. Требования к электронным документам и порядок применения электронного документооборота NEW 01 сентября 2022
PDF | 524 kb
Structure of the Commercial Department
PDF | 152 kb
Supplier Selection Policy
PDF | 557 kb
Anti-Corruption Policy Rules