Our company is interested in finding new counterparties.
in all areas and providing retail trade, including:

поставка расходных материалов инвентаря, системы защиты товара и POS-материалов
supply of inventory supplies, product protection systems and POS materials
оказание услуг по техническому обслуживанию и ремонту оборудования
оказание услуг по строительству реконструкции зданий и сооружений, внешних сетей
the provision of construction services for the reconstruction of buildings and structures, external networks
Actual tenders

O’KEY company procures services, materials, equipment and other Inventory at an external electronic trading platform Tender.Pro.

The basic principles of organizing and conducting procurement are the creation of equal initial conditions for all potential suppliers of products, publicity, unity of requirements and objectivity in evaluating the proposals of participants. To access the functions of the system you need for FREE register on the site www.tender.pro

Tender.Pro Support department
You can find more information in the section How to participate in the tender or by phone

Current tenders

Disruption of the bidding process

Should you have grounds to suspect that the bidders' interests have been violated, please fill in the feedback form and provide all the available details for further verification.


Anti-Corruption Policy Rules